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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s extremely important to us that every job is carried out with the utmost safety. All our pumps are certified and undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are safe to run. Documentation is also supplied on request and carried in each truck.

All our staff are well trained on safety procedures. Hazards such as power lines are addressed early on in the ordering process and we always have a linehand on site to help make sure pumps are operated safely.

What makes a safe and successful pump?

To help a concrete pour go as smoothly and safely as possible, it can be useful to know exactly what to expect from a job.

Here’s our advice on how to prepare for a successful pump:

Choosing a suitable site

First and foremost, you will need a suitable site to carry out a concrete pour. Our pumps need to be set up on a level area, with a clear overhead. There will also need to be enough space for the pump to be washed at the end of the job.

Placing an order

When placing an order, the more information you can provide on your specific project’s needs, the better. Ideally, customers should provide the full site address, the date and time for the pump, any overhead hazards (e.g. power lines), the size of the pump, the volume of concrete required, the type of concrete and the type of pour (eg. house slab, footing, driveway, etc).

If you’re unsure of your job’s requirements, or would like to talk through the specific needs of your project, please feel free to give us a call.
We’re happy to offer guidance and support wherever we can.

Supplying concrete

Your concrete supplier should be able to advise on the best pump mix for your specific job.

The pumping process

On the day of the pump pour, the pump will need to be set up approximately half an hour beforehand. This will include preparing the slurry and setting up the pipeline, if necessary.

Once the pump is ready, the line will be grouted. Pumping will begin, with the boom being operated to place the concrete in the correct position. An agitator is used to ensure that the concrete supply is smooth and homogenous.

After the pour is fully complete, the pump operator will then clean the concrete from the pump. This procedure may take an hour or more to finish. Once finished, the operator will pack up the equipment and replace the boom in its original position.


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What size of pumps do you have?

Our five boom pumps are sized at 28m, 33m x 2, 37m and 38m.

Do you have a line pump?

Currently, no, however we can run any of our pumps as a line pump.

What is the price of jobs?

There is an hourly charge that includes minimum hire, metre rate, slurry charge, travel charge, plus an extra man charge on complex jobs that need a third man. Price is discussed when booking the pump.

Do you have the paperwork to be inducted on big sites?

Yes. We are currently servicing many Tier 1 companies that require more complex safety documents.

Are your machines certified?

Yes. All documentation is supplied on request and carried in each truck.

Are you insured?

We are covered for Public Liability for $20 million and all other insurances as required.

Are your operators licensed?

All staff are qualified and have relevant licenses and qualifications required.

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